Deadly accident at Sacchi Pallets

Tuesday July 5th, 2022

On last Saturday  18th June, in the area of the factory, a 32 years old guy, died because the forklift he was driving  overturned while curving and felt on his body.

First of all, the family Sacchi and all the staff offer their condolences to the family and to the girlfriend of the guy.

The company wishes  in the same time clarify that:

  • The guy was affiliated to an external labour company which was engaged for the industrial  cleaning and the tyding up of productive areas;
  • The Labour company was chosen among different others right because it demonostrated a high attention to the prevention and safety policy towards its operative affiates , and also because it could offer references of big industries in our region where it has been working for many years;
  • The accident occured on Saturday afternoon at 04,30 pm, when the company is totally stopped in all its activities (productive/maintenance/logistic/etc), just to facilitate the cleaning operations in  calm and total safety without any interference, as it was used weekly.
  • The guy was regularly licenced to drive forklifts since ( anno??) as well as per jobs in height.
  • Despite the special licence, the dynamic of the accident was the result of a range of unfortunate and unjustiable behaviours held by the guy:  suddenly and with no  conceivable reason, he drove the forklift into a sudden an tight swerve, moreover with forks no reason high at 4 meters (the forklift was not carrying whatever), circumstance which facilitated  the overturning. Last, the guy was not wearing the seat-belt at that moment, that could be precious in such circumstance.
  • The fork-lift was in the legal availability of the company who had rent it  by a well  known company of the region leader in forklifts renting and was released in free use to the Labour company in force of the Conctract stipulated at the beginning of the cooperation, for the exclusive  operations of  moving the separate    wastes to the respective separate containers. The forklift was regularly undergone to periodical maintenance and daily revision and the work done recorded, as per current Rules.
  • The guy and his colleagues were all trained at safety purposed by the Labour company, but they also were additionally trained  on the internal risks by internal company personnel, as we are used to do since many years with auxiliary personnel the day they enter the company gates.

For all the facts described above,  the company has decided to  share openly such unfortunate event  considering itself  totally  innocent about it, belief fully shared by technicians arrived on the place of the accident.

 Nevertheless after this event, the activities run by the company to prevention and Safety of all people enetering the SP gates –activities that have always played a preminent rule in the company-  were resumed with higher energy than ever.