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since 1959

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Sacchi Pallets Ltd has been on the market since 1959 and therefore it represents a sound and reliable partner with a long experience for those Customers to whom pallets are the key element of its commercial and productive line.


A modern plant manufacturing high quality products and reduces delivery time

Our operations are organized in a one hundred thousand square metre space, plus two industrial buildings giving us a total of nine thousand square metres to work on. We are fully equipped for the storage of raw materials outdoors.

Our quality

is certified

Quality has always been the distinctive aspect of Sacchi Pallets’ production and the reports from our Customers regarding the degree of satisfaction testify to this.



Quality & Sustainability


Research strenghten once again wood antibacterial properties

Monday June 6th, 2016

Recent research published on peer review journal Food Protection Trends confirmed, once again, wooden pallets’ anti-bacterial properties, especially if compared to plastic. This study conducted by Boersig and Cliver (M.R. Boersig, D.O. Cliver, The Role of Pallets In Microbial Food Safety,  Food Protection Trends,  October 2010, Vol.30, No.1, Pages 576-579, International Association for Food Protection) states that the number of … Continue reading Research strenghten once again wood antibacterial properties

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