Tuesday October 10th, 2023

In the latest issue of the Legno 4.0 magazine, the company is the protagonist of an article (edited by Luca De Nardo) which illustrates the innovative operation of the 2 in 1 kiln, conceived in collaboration with BIGonDRY, which allows you to simultaneously carry out both the ISPM 15 heat treatment and the drying of the pallets. This new technology has made it possible to optimize and above all make the pallets treatment process more sustainable, avoiding double passages in the kilns which led to significant waste of resources.

The kiln, installed in September 2021, inaugurated a new investment plan focused on enhancing processes and production capabilities which includes: the installation of automatic board loaders on the Sodeme Line, the replacement and extension of the current roof with a new one made of laminated wood, the installation of a new and larger silo and will culminate in 2025 with the installation of a new nailing line.