Pallets certified in max. weight capacity as per PalOk!

Sunday October 18th, 2009

The Company is allowed to mark “PalOk” its pallets. FitOk is a Project  by Assoimballaggi (main Association of pallets and packaging producers) in cooperation with CRIL-Centro Ricerche Imballaggi e Logistica.

Practically, , the Company will  certify  the max. weight capacity  according to  ISO 8611 rules and hot-stamp it on each pallet
eventually provided.

The max. weight capacity certified is the result of a series of  laboratory trials as per the ISO rules mentioned above.Therefore,  the Customer,  which uses these pallets properly will set an important prevention act,  and in the same time is automatically manleved against legal responsabilities in case of pallets break-down.

Practically the Customer can purchase pallets that will be the better compromise between  highest  safety and robustness and of  lowest costs and envinmental impact.