Great benefits by the new Epal pallets mm 1000×1200

Sunday April 30th, 2006

Finally the Epal Board has adopted the new standars for pallets mm 1000×1200 under the UIC 435-5.
Compared with the usual Epal  mm 800×1200, the use of such  new Epal mm 1000×1200 will surely bring enormous benefits to  its wider base area. For example:
– they have  higher capacity: practically they can be loaded with a 25% more of any material, thus  meaning that all logistical operations (internal transfers, loading-unloading, bar-coding, wrapping and what else)  will be run proportionally faster and in better efficiency;
– thiey do skid  smoother  on roll-conveyirs, even when rolls are rare;
– the risk of  falling of these pallets in stacks  during conveying is less probable.

And more, also fro a commercial point of view they sould sort out some benefits:
-in the nearest future they would cost less than mm 800×1200 since they are made with small size timber sawn out by trees of little diametre that is commonly less expensive
– their  standards are nearer to North-American standards
– their better efficiency would restrain significantly   the quantity of waste-pallets to re-work or worstly polluting our countries