New technique of nailing

Monday January 15th, 2018

In   2017  we developped a new technique of nailing  to assemble  pooling-pallets mm 800×1200 .

In corrispondence of the 9 blocks mm 145x100x78 we  use  now  n. 4 nails from  the top and 4  from the bottom in place of the usual 3 + 3.

Both upper and lower   nails are fixed into wood fibres in specular staggered position  each other so that the respective shanks do not meet in the inner fibres of boards and cross-boards, and so that upper   nails-shanks are not too close or –worst-  coincindent with the lower ones.

The adoption of  such new nailing technique makes blocks stay  more firmly  and consequently the pallets register a longer durability , since it neutralizes  the most common effects of frequent  mistakes during forklifting operations. They are:

– in the eventuality  forks  skratch hardly along the internal side of a block, it is  less probable that the block rotates on its axis and gets off the shape of pallet (see photo below)


– in the eventuality that a fork point  hits a block surface, it will be less probable that the block gets splitted horizontally (see photo below)


– besides, the n 4 nails allow the 2 external wide boards of the top and the 2 external narrow boards of the bottom to remain  firmly tighted, despite   they are the ‘entry’ boards,  so tipically the more exposed to hits  by forks or by the fork-lift “chest” getting unailed and cracked until they split.

Considering the impact of a hit  shared on 4 nails in place of 3, one could believe that the resistance can raise of 1/3, but in  truth it is much higher, like experts of the matter know! (see photos below)

IMG_1586 IMG_1582

It was developped for  important Customers of pallets-pooling branch with positive feed-backs in terms of dicrease of 20% of broken pallets and consequent repairs.

A great benefit at a very modest cost!


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