A new assembling equipment to increase the production

Tuesday April 27th, 2010

By next September a new assembling line by a french manufacturer  will be fully  mounted  and run.

It is a line composed of  3 fully  autimatical machines respectively  duputed to  the nailing  of tops, bottoms and to the  final assemblage  of the whole pallet.
The line is equipped with robots for the conveyance of components  into masks,  as well as  with smaller devices for  the finishing operations for each sort of pallets,  and with long conveyors stop-areas for the temporary rest  of the parts of pallets waiting for the next phases.

It is fully automatical and has a capacity of n° 600 pallets per hour.
The greatest innovative aspect of this line is the system to change the lots that is executed fully automatically  basing on PC processed data, where no human intervention is necessary. Lots changes will then take max. 4 – 5  minutes, enabling to produce also very short lots  pallets without the  incidence of those costs laying also on non-productive time.    Thus will garantee our Clients to count on the most competitive sale-prices and on a higher flexibility that it was before.

Last but not least,  it will be possible to restrain the average storing  of finished pallets in stock.

To install it properly it was necessary to enlarge the covered productive area of 1.500 sqm more and to make the technical equipments  adequate.
The whole expence was of 2 millions euros approxmately